A ‘planetary crisis’: Plastic in our oceans


blue planet

A still from Blue Planet II

As a lover of David Attenborough and his productions, I commend his latest Blue Planet jaw-dropper in opening people’s eyes to the wonders of the ocean. However, one cannot ignore the fact that its well-intended message to defend our oceans might be sadly lost to some within its beautiful, hallucinogenic imagery. Of course, I cannot deny that these images and God-like voice that accompanies them presents a powerful message about the detrimental impact us humans are having. Yet, do they not simply become another powerful entertainment piece more than anything?

Amongst the craze around the BBC’s beautiful imagery, it’s quite clear that there’s an important message coming to the fore through social media platforms regarding the state of our oceans. These messages are coming from celebrities, political figures, the UN and the like. Just scroll through Facebook and they pop up. Likely encouraged by Attenborough’s latest message, more than anything there’s a focus on the detrimental effects of plastic, a true ‘planetary crisis’. So, here is my message to you – a quick reminder, reiteration and contribution to drive this point home that society needs a change in behaviour to deal with the plastic problem…

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The sad truths about diving in Greece


As an ocean lover and scuba-diving fanatic, I always jump at the chance to go on a dive when I travel to somewhere in the world. In the last few years I have visited Greece on two separate occasions. These visits were to the islands of: Kefallonia and Crete.

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