Photo of the Month



This photo was taken during my trip to Chichén Itzà, a New Wonder of the World on Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. The world famous complex boasts Mayan Ruins. This picture depicts the huge step pyramid, Kukulkan, known as El Castillo (the castle), which won the sites wonderous title. A must see!

Tip: Arrive at the sacred site for opening time to avoid the mass crowd of tourists by mid-morning and the scorching midday heat. 


☀️Christmas in Mexico: Holiday Advice☀️

A friend’s mum recently told me she wanted to go to Mexico during the Christmas season, but she wasn’t exactly sure where to start with the planning. I decided to share my advice with you, if you have any further questions please ask!

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Technical Diving and Sidemount

Cenote El Pit, Mexico


I took these courses because I wanted to develop my skills and expertise as a recreational scuba diver and instructor. Both Tec 40 and Sidemount certifications focus on buoyancy, trim and positioning in the water as well as proper dive planning. I believed that the knowledge and skills I learnt on these courses would be useful for me in recreational diving…and I was right!

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One day budget trip to Tulum

This is a detailed one day budget trip guide to experience the glorious Tulum, a town on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. I began my journey from the nearby community Puerto Aventuras, but this guide can be used by anyone who has a full day to kill in Tulum! Note: this guide is designed to allow you to fully embrace the places you visit and therefore more can be done in a day if you prefer.

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