Technical Diving and Sidemount

Cenote El Pit, Mexico


I took these courses because I wanted to develop my skills and expertise as a recreational scuba diver and instructor. Both Tec 40 and Sidemount certifications focus on buoyancy, trim and positioning in the water as well as proper dive planning. I believed that the knowledge and skills I learnt on these courses would be useful for me in recreational diving…and I was right!

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One day budget trip to Tulum

This is a detailed one day budget trip guide to experience the glorious Tulum, a town on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. I began my journey from the nearby community Puerto Aventuras, but this guide can be used by anyone who has a full day to kill in Tulum! Note: this guide is designed to allow you to fully embrace the places you visit and therefore more can be done in a day if you prefer.

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A Malagasy Ride



In 2015, I took advantage of my glorious, yet slightly confused 6 months off University to travel to Madagascar. As described in my previous post, I filled the beginning of this adventure with some forest and marine conversation on an island called Nosy Komba, North-West of the mainland. Together with this, I chose to end the trip by treating myself to a roadtrip of a lifetime with some friends.

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